Are You Here? was a public art project consisting of a series of roadside billboards featuring a white background with black text reading, “Are You Here?” This question, which references the phrase “You Are Here” often found on highway rest area maps, was meant to engage passersby on multiple levels. Other than a literal statement regarding geography, the phrase “Are You Here?” is also a metaphysical question meant to encourage motorists to be more fully present and mindful of their experience at the particular moment they encountered the message. It was my hope that the extreme simplicity of these billboards, and the unexplained and unexpected nature of their question, would startle viewers into at least a fleeting moment of “being here.” Are You Here? was installed on 14 billboards that I rented throughout New England and upstate New York during the summer of 2015. Photographs and video of this work were shown in solo exhibitions at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center in Vermont (2016) and at Gallery Kayafas in Boston (2016). Each show also featured free newsprint posters of the “Are You Here?” text that visitors could take home, expanding the project beyond the museum and billboard contexts. In 2016 I was commissioned by the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum to create a site-specific installation on the grounds of their sculpture park. The finished piece consists of a 10’ x 20’ “Are You Here?” billboard. It will remain installed until September 2017.

Fort Ann, NY

Adams, MA

Amsterdam, NY

Amsterdam, NY

Greenfield, MA

East Durham, NY

Amsterdam, NY

Gloversville, NY

Durham, CT

Canajoharie, NY

Granville, NY

Hoosick, NY

East Hartford, CT

Video excerpt, digital billboard in Chicopee, MA. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Wallpaper installation, Gallery Kayafas (Boston, MA) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Installation View, Brattleboro Museum, VT

Free newsprint posters, Brattleboro Museum

Recent installation on the exterior of the Brattleboro Museum in VT.